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Services offered
  • Culture Assessment

  • Cultural Transformation

  • Building a Culture of Integrity & Ethics

  • Culture building for Startups

Modes of delivery
  • Short 90-150 min. sessions

They are excellent for introducing the idea and the power of organizational culture to shape performance (option of remote as well as on-site delivery available)

  • 1- day workshop

Involves some hands-on exercises to get a handle on kinds of problems as well as cultural-solutions that might be worth looking at

  • In-depth study

Usually involves qualitative as well as quantitative assessments, to draw up an actionable plan. Takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks. Can also help companies build internal capability.

  • Customized solutions

For queries related to "Building a culture of Integrity & Ethics", or "Culture building for startups", or any other requirement, please contact us by sending a mail to:

Why Right Culture?
  • World-class methodology

  • Practical, actionable insights

  • Contemporary ideas

News & Publications

Deepak Deshpande
Head-HR Practices
Tata Business Excellence Group

Rustom Vesavevala

Head of HR & Business Excellence

Mahindra Partners

Mahindra & Mahindra

Dr. Ajit Mathur has conducted a highly productive culture assessment exercise at one of the Tata Group companies, a session with our senior business excellence leaders, and a webinar on culture streamed across all our group companies spread across the globe.


He is associated with Tata Business Excellence Group as an SME in the field of organizational culture. For any culture related assignments, I strongly recommend him.

Dr. Ajit Mathur conducted a deeply enriching session on organizational culture for our portfolio companies. We admire his conceptual as well as practical understanding of such an important and complex subject. His strong facilitation skills, and ability to listen deeply, helps teams to surface issues that are relevant, and build commitment towards an action plan.  I have no hesitation in recommending him for any culture related assignment.

Krishnan Kasturirangan
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Wastelink (Forplanet Ingredients Pvt. Ltd.)

A highly successful Startup

Dr. Ajit Mathur helped develop an "Ethics Manual" for our company that has been adopted and integrated into our onboarding process. His deep understanding of employee behaviors and motivations coupled with organizational excellence helped create a timely and appropriate code of conduct for an early stage company like ours, strengthening the cultural foundation.

I am admirer of his executive capabilities and mentorship, and I strongly recommend him for any culture related assignment.

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