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Integrity and Ethics 

Cultural Initiatives

If your aspiration is to create a world class company for long term, take the first step to create an "Integrity and Ethics Guide". It is a written document that details how the company expects business conduct with various stakeholders--employees, customers, business partners, financial stakeholders, governments, communities and the environment. A written guide eliminates uncertainties and makes everyone commit to doing business, the right way, each day.

According to a highly regarded research, world's most ethical companies outperformed their peer group, in terms of market cap, over a five year period 2018-23, by almost 14%. 

If you are a startup, build a strong foundation of ethical behavior. If you are growing up at a rapid clip, do not lose sight of such an important issue on which your future hinges. Once this foundational building block is in place, you can devote your energy and time to more pressing issues including building a culture of high performance.

Right Culture specializes in creating such an initiative including a document which can be tailored to your specific needs. Once done, we can implement a periodic survey to establish any areas that need your attention. For more details, just drop a mail to and we will revert.

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